What is WebAppBooster?

WebAppBooster is a free Android app you can download from Google's Play Store. It gives web applications you visit access to your smartphone's sensors and locally stored data. The benefit is that WebAppBooster enriches a web application by enabling functionality that ordinarily only a native app can do.

How does is work?

WebAppBooster runs a service in the background of your smartphone. When you surf to a web page with your browser, the web application can contact this background service to request access to your devices capabilities. Additional details can be found in a MobilSoft 2014 paper.

Is it safe?

Yes. You will have to grant permissions to a web application before it can access any sensors or local data on your device. This is identical to when you install an app from the Google Play Store: before Android will allow installation of an app, you first have to grant it the requested permissions. WebAppBooster will do the same for web apps.

Where can I get it?

WebAppBooster is an Open Source application and the complete source code is available at Github. The ready-to-be-used version of WebAppBooster is available at Google's Play Store. Once installed, be sure to try out a little demo.